One of the age-old debates include the battle between looks and personality. There have been lectures showing how “looks are not everything” and “personality is more important.” There have also been movies and shows depicting such battles—how a lowly, homely faced protagonist tries to win the object of their affection going as far as changing their looks to attract them…only to be declined and so they end up being terribly heartbroken. But the story takes a turn when somebody really sees the protagonist for who they are and have fallen in love with their character more than their looks.


It is not to say that beauty is to be disregarded. After all, the eyes see outside features of another person first. It goes the same with food. You eat with your eyes first. There are also industries that rely mostly on the looks of the people. The show business is one (under it are the fashion, makeup, pageant, weigh-loss industries). People want to look good to also feel good about themselves. There are some that go overboard, true. But beauty products are supposed to only enhance, not replace the outside appearance of the person.


There have been jokes made about what one person lacks in outside appearance, they make up for in their character. “She is not pretty, but she is very kind. He is not handsome, but he loves his family.” But this is not the case at all times. Character is not something you’re born with. You get to be molded into it. If you grow up in a loving family that cares for their kin and their community, no matter how they look, they would always have friends around them. If a child’s family puts more priority in the moral upbringing of their children (and they lead by example, not only by words), there is a high percentage that the children will adopt this type of lifestyle as well.


There are actually some people who lack in the looks department that act worse. Some of those who lack in looks and in character may be abundant in money that they may be able to buy the looks, but not the character. Then there are those blessed with good looks that are also blessed with good manners. So if you are still asking which is more important—beauty or character—you should know it is not a debate in the first place.

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