Seeing Life:

Poems of Empowerment and Self-Confidence

Here on this journey that we call life, we are all vessels.
Shells, if you will, covered with skin, but the true us underneath is the spirit, the will,
the energy, so to speak, that helps us to move.
Without this, we would be motionless.

Because of this energy, spirit, will—whatever you want to call it—the fact is that we
are connected to everyone and everything.
We are not as alone as we think.

We just have to look from a different view to see that we belong to everything.
We are all connected.

With the loss of one comes the loss of many.
Yes, we are just links in the chain.
When one kills for the joy or the pleasure, they are weakening their link to this great
When we die, our bodies are still, but the spirit, the will, the energy, whatever you
call it, still goes on.
It touches everything and everyone, whether or not we know it.